Having a wide screen? Use the vertical space which offers to search with more search engines at once.


Simply enter your search query to the top most input box and hit enter:


You can add some other search engines:

space triggered search

Via check box located right next to the search box you can enable automatic searching when ever you write a space. If the search results are not good enough, just continue typing in more key words:


To change a search engine in a column:

add after

To add another search engine after a column:


To remove search engine column:

just one

To remove all search engine columns besides the current one:

bookmark and share

Here you can find current meonl link:

It's clickable and can be sent. The link looks like this:


"s=gb" means to open two columns with google.com in the first and bing.com in the second one. "q=indian%20restaurant%20vienna" contains the search keywords.

Additional language search

When changing a search engine it is also possible to choose a different language:

Entered search phrase will be automatically translated, using Google Translate, into the selected language and the language search hostname will be used to search. Example in case of Spanish and Google the google.es will be used in that column.

other primary languages

Czech, German and Slovak

Firefox Add-on

You can add this search to Firefox as Add-on.


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